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About Us

We are an offbeat Homestay

And Café, based out of Pedong. Our primary objective behind the ideation of this abode, was to create a recreational shelter for a few like-minded people. Our Homestay and Café sits amidst the pine forests of Pedong, just a few minutes’ walk away from the popular tourist destination, Silent Valley. As soon as one takes the rugged road leading to Sillery Gaon from Pedong, he/she/they would find our Homestay and Café, located at the right. The Homestay is managed by our very own Trideep Bhaiya, a lovely human being, who never fails to amaze the guests with his knowledge and wit. The owners of the Homestay and Café are based out of Kolkata. They are vivid connoisseurs of art, music and the mountains, who have spent their adolescence travelling, engaging with different cultures, listening to world music and reading world literature.

Things to Do

Given the diversity of the flora, fauna and the landscape of the region, one would never run out of things to do, here at our Homestay and Café.

The Silent Valley, a picturesque green valley surrounded by pine trees, lies just a few steps away from our abode. Hikes, treks and car tours can also be arranged to popular tourist destinations like Sillery Gaon, Ichhe Gaon, Rishyap, Kolakham, Kalimpong, Rishikhola, Tista Bazar, Algarah, Takdah and Tinchuley.

For hardcore adventurers, trekkers and those who seek that extra dopamine to suit their high adrenaline, a trek can be arranged to Damsang Fort. A guide will accompany the group till Damsang Fort, where the enlightenment about the ancient yet forgotten history of the region and kingdom is guaranteed. A picnic can be arranged at the topmost summit point, as well.

Hikes through unexplored trails and terrains can be arranged as well. A few four-legged members of our team, our lovely dogs at the Homestay and Café are often happy to assist and lead the hiking enthusiasts through the difficult trails, which qualifies as a plus point for dog lovers.

For the connoisseurs of art and culture, village tours can be arranged, where an experienced and learned guide shall share the culture and way of life of the village locals. Guests are encouraged to interact with the locals in order to be able to experience a sneak-peek into a lesser-known yet sacred way of village-life.

The local villages of North Bengal are literally treasures for people who know what to find. Tumba, an organic and indigenous alcoholic drink made out of grains, has been an all-time-favorite for our guests, which is readily available at our Homestay and Café. Local wines are also brewed in the region, which is a must-try for drinkers. Bamboo food is one of our many delicacies that cannot be missed while gulping on local booze.

Barbeque can be arranged and we recommend every guest to experience this. As darkness escorts the evening, when the sun is chased down by the windy mountain clouds, our team arranges a bonfire amidst the pine forest, where meat is roasted, and the guests are expected to have a gala time over delicious food and booze. The barbeque nights often end well on a clear sky, as the guests can engage in the divine process of stargazing and connect the constellations.

Cultural organizations, foundations and NGOs can contact us to organize music festivals, intimate theatre shows and workshops. We have ample open space as well as enough rooms to accommodate festivals and workshops. Visitors will have ready access to our Café, for food and mini jamming sessions can also be orchestrated over the guitar, flute and many other musical instruments available at our Café.

Perfectly with nature

The Café

Our Café syncs perfectly with nature and it complements the Homestay in more than one ways. The Café, not only is a hangout spot for the guests who live with us at our Homestay, but also attracts locals and youngsters who prefer spending their sunsets at our cozy spot, over good food, good music and good company. All the bikers and tourists who are on their way to Sillery Gaon or Ichhe Gaon, we wholeheartedly welcome them to stop at our Café if they are looking for tasty and authentic food amidst the enchanting pine forest. A mural picture of the legendary singer Bob Marley completes the theme of our Café, which not only accompanies many like-minded souls, but also help these lonely wanderers to find more like them. Therefore, our Café is a great place to make friends as well, besides jamming and playing board games.

As said earlier, our vision was to create a shelter for a few like-minded people, who are often unable to relate with mainstream society and are in search of solace and peace. People with an inclination towards music, art, culture, theatre, literature and mountains, will find their second Home at our humble abode. With all our hearts, we welcome you to our Home in the mountains. Come one, come all! Stay with us!